14 Feb 2019


Stress is a normal response of the body to changes in the environment or other factors that require the body to change or adjust. Most times stress is not bad because it allows us to be alert and motivated.

Stress is damaging to health and body when we have no break from stress or our response is always urgent. We must manage stress so that it is positive and does not become negative for our bodies.

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26 Dec 2018

Millennium Medical & Rehab: Healthy Goals anyone can!

1. Move more & track it
2. Strengthen your core with crunches and push ups
3. Eat more vegetables, fish and whole grains
4. Drink water instead of carbonated sugary beverages
5. Meditate and calm your mind
6. If you fail one of these goals one day, start again the next day
7. Be kind to yourself and to others around you
8. If your body is in pain call us at Millennium Medical and Rehab 914-472-2700 for help

06 Dec 2018

Checklist for Home Care Safety List for Seniors

As a caregiver here are some items you need to evaluate to develop a home safety plan for independently living seniors.
Evaluation can be done at Millennium Medical and Rehab 914-472-2700.
-balance to be able to safely indoors and outdoors
-walking up and down steps
-ability to get in and out of bed safely
-weight, height and blood pressure
-ability to communicate needs electronically or by phone
-healthy appetite and able to feed him/herself
-knows list of medications, when to take them, side effects of medications and interactions with other drugs
-knows how to get doctor, dentist appointments and how to get there

Evaluating this and keeping notes of changes is important so the safety plan can change with aging and changing needs.

13 Nov 2018

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel is the area in the wrist through which important tendons to the fingers pass along with median nerve. When the nerve gets compressed due to damage due to any reason such as diabetes, gout, hypothyroidism, arthritis or injury there can be pain, tingling, weakness in all fingers except pinky.

At Millennium Medical and Rehab we can do all the tests and treatment you may need for carpal tunnel syndrome. Call (914) 472-2700 or visit for more information or to set up an appointment

12 OCT 2018

Spinal Stenosis Risk Factors

At Millennium Medical we see patients with spinal stenosis. Yesterday, I posted questions regarding risk factors for spinal stenosis.
Arthritis is the leading cause of spinal stenosis. It causes narrowing of the spinal canal with bone spurs and may pinch nerves.

What can you do to prevent spinal stenosis?

  • Exercise regularly and stretching to keep the spine and ligaments flexible.
  • Keep a healthy normal weight
  • Smoking and nicotine can have direct effects on the disc that lie between the spine bones called vertebrae.

If you have back symptoms take action ask your physician for a referral to physical therapy so you can get better and prevent further injury to your spine.
After all you have only one back and we got your back at Millennium Medical and Rehab 914 472-2700