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Physical Therapy is a healthcare profession which helps in treatment of various joint, muscular, nerve, tendon, ligament ache and pain in human body. Physical Therapy utilizes various techniques such as electrotherapy, exercise therapy, mobilization, manipulation, individual exercise plan, patient education, postural evaluation, muscle imbalance evaluation for treatment to promote, maintain, and restore physical, psychological, and social well-being taking into account of variation in health status of individual.

An evidence-based study and review of cases that underpins preventive, rehabilitation, and curative dimensions in the treatment plans of disability and physical limitation in daily routine activity. Most commonly encountered situations like pain, stiffness, discomfort and some other symptoms you are experiencing when you decide to visit us.

Our Physical Therapy team

Our Physical Therapy team will run a detailed physical examination with every patient and carry out complete assessment of injury or discomfort thereon specific program of corrective treatment and preventive measure will be developed. Our PT team will explain the diagnosis and tailor a personal treatment plan most suitable for your wellbeing. We will brief you about exercises plan and pain preventive techniques which you can perform at home and work place for boost up your recovery and most importantly prevent any recurrence.

Ahmed Aboelsaad

Ahmed Aboelsaad is a physical therapist with over 8 years of experience in the field. He has a Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Tuoro College and board certification in Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Making him an ideal therapist after surgery and he loves to help patients with sports injuries and hand & wrist problems. Let Ahmed make a difference in your journey to health and rehabilitation.

Hareshvardhen Rathore

Hareshvardhen Rathore is a licensed physical therapist in New York. He received his physical therapy degree from RUHS University, India and did his internship from a multi-specialty hospital in India. He is a hardworking and dedicated Physical Therapist and his passion is helping patients with musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, neurological, pediatric, and geriatric conditions.

Sahlee Sicat VIllenneuva

Sahlee Sicat VIllenneuva is a physical therapist with 15 years of experience in the Philippines. She is interested in joint mobilization and MFR technique. She focuses on musculoskeletal weakness and hope that she can bring strength and increased mobility to you.

Lord Louie Ramillo

Lord Louie Ramillo is a physical therapist with 20 years of experience from the Philippines and he graduated from IMCC. He is most interested in trigger point release in muscles and sports rehabilitation. Let Louieā€™s magic work on your musculoskeletal problems